Business Ethos

OIM strives to be a credible and acknowledged business partner delivering value and growth.

Our aim is to make a meaningful contribution to the long-term prosperity of our clients, consultants and employees and to make a difference in the lives of the individuals and communities we engage with every day. Our main areas of competence are business consulting, facilitation and training.

Our service philosophy

What clients can expect from OIM

  • We enter into a long-term partnership with our clients, based on mutual trust and respect, communication, personal attention, professional conduct and service delivery.
  • In line with our commitment to service delivery we value experience. We employ business consultants with a solid academic background and proven track record of turning organisational concepts and principles into behaviours, practices and results.
  • OIM is not in the business of consultant dependency or ad hoc quick fixes. We believe in an integrated approach to business improvement with an emphasis on sustainability. Therefore, we provide a comprehensive solution, offered by a multidisciplinary team that specialises in people management, organisational performance and operations management.
  • Our client engagement methodology ensures excellence in programme and project management with regular client interfaces to evaluate success and client satisfaction and jointly plan what steps to take next.
  • An underlying theme in OIM’s offerings is the building of internal capacity to help sustain client solutions. This includes the transfer of skills through training and coaching, preparation of internal trainers and implementation of operational improvement tools and systems.
  • We firmly believe that the value we add must outweigh the cost of the intervention, failing which we advise clients not to use our services.
  • We are committed to making a long-term contribution to our clients’ business performance. As such, we understand our role will change over time from, for instance, initially assisting with the facilitation and implementation of the intervention to eventually providing ongoing support and information updates.
  • We take pride in our reputation for being able to deliver.

Prospective clients – building a partnership

  • When meeting with potential clients for the first time, we do a presentation to introduce our methodology and integrated business consulting services.
  • Should the client be interested, a follow-up session is scheduled to discuss the approach in more detail and assess the client’s improvement needs.
  • Once client requirements are defined, a comprehensive and customised process implementation plan is developed.
  • After the plan has been approved, the investment is calculated and agreed with the client.
  • Should the process plan be amended, OIM evaluates the implications and proposes options to manage risks without compromising quality.
  • Clients sign off a process plan document, budget and terms and conditions to safeguard both them and OIM.
  • Project governance structures and methods are agreed.
  • Any changes to the process plan are agreed between OIM and the client and the budget is adjusted accordingly.