Continuous Improvement

Establish a culture of ongoing operational optimisation

Ongoing operational improvement is an essential part of successful operations management.

OIM has developed a programme to equip employees with the necessary skills and mindsets to optimise operations and exploit innovation opportunities long term. The aim is to establish a culture of and capacity for continuous improvement.

Given the practical nature of this topic, our programme addresses a fundamental weakness in skills development and the building of capacity – the ability to transfer theoretical knowledge to the workplace, resulting in sustainable operational improvements.


To bridge this knowledge transfer gap our intervention focuses on two key aspects.

1. Skills development: With emphasis on coaching

  • Training and workshops: Continuous improvement training and assignments to reinforce learning [20% of programme]
  • On-the-floor coaching: OIM business consultants work with employees in the workplace to practise skills application and remove operational constraints [80% of programme]

2. Continuous improvement planning and consultation: Preparing the system

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