Operations Management Interventions

Improved operational efficiency

The core focus of OIM’s operations management interventions is to improve efficiencies and throughput, reduce operating costs and resolve operational constraints.

The result is:

  • A visible improvement in quality,
  • Reduced unit costs,
  • Increased operational compliance and control, and
  • Better customer service.

Sustainability is achieved by partnering with clients to customise solutions, implement the desired changes and ensure knowledge transfer.


Business operations review
A quick and reliable way to identify areas of operational constraint and map a solution.

Business process analysis and process re-engineering
An in-depth analysis and redesign of workflows and business processes.

Maintenance optimisation
A focus on the optimal forecasting, scheduling and execution of planned work.

Workforce management
The process of matching workload with available resources (people and equipment) to achieve the desired production output and quality. The outcome is improved forecasting of work volumes and better use of staffing levels.

Continuous improvement
An important aspect of sustainable operations management is equipping staff with the necessary skills and mindsets to optimise operations long term. We have developed a three-pronged approach to bridge the knowledge transfer gap and ensure that skills development results in sustainable operational effectiveness.


  • OIM’s operations management team has experience in both business processes and IT systems management, providing clients with a comprehensive service and in-depth knowledge in these fields.
  • With a track record dating back to the late ’90s, our team has experience in various industries, including manufacturing, mining, retail, financial services and local government sectors. Clients who have benefited from our solutions are, among others, Allan Gray, Assmang Khumani Mine, Metropolitan, Meatco and Glacier by Sanlam.
  • Our consultants have a fundamental understanding of the industries they work in, giving them an innate sense of what should happen. This allows for project delivery in a shorter space of time – usually within four to six months depending on the complexity of the intervention.
  • We believe in showing clients measurable returns, which means benefits are tracked to indicate the return on investment (ROI).
  • We pride ourselves in our proven ability to identify inefficiencies and design customised interventions.
  • When designing these interventions, we draw on a range of methodologies and best practices to create the appropriate structures, processes and systems for effective strategy execution and operations management.
  • Clients also have access to OIM’s expertise in organisational performance improvement and people management. This includes strategic planning, leadership development, supervisory skills, employee engagement and employee relations. All of these solutions are seamlessly implemented by specialists in the core business areas.

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