Change Communication

The golden thread in driving sustainable culture and behaviour change

Communication is the golden thread that runs through the implementation of any organisational strategy or change initiative. It ties everything together from start to finish and, if done effectively, helps drive sustainable business performance.

OIM’s communication offering has been designed to be such a valuable business performance management tool. It integrates the fundamental requirements of successful employee engagement, change management, internal communication and leadership development.

The unique combination of these elements unlocks sustainable culture and behaviour change and ultimately better business performance.


Our change communication approach comprises six phases to help clients navigate the complexities of organisational change.

The key elements are:

  • Assess (Pre) – Conduct a communication health check (as-is assessment)
  • Define – Analyse stakeholders, develop key messages and define channels
  • Align – Align the change plan with the business’ strategic objectives and other existing initiatives
  • Equip – Develop leadership skills and prepare change leaders
  • Implement – Manage communication schedule to maintain momentum
  • Monitor & celebrate – Monitor progress and perceptions, making adjustments where required
  • Assess (Post) – Conduct final effectiveness review

Change communication is closely linked to two other OIM products that help drive culture and behaviour change:

  • INVOCOMS®: This acclaimed methodology is the vehicle used to engage everyone in the organisation, mobilise them around goals and build a climate conducive to strategy execution. All leaders undergo this training.
  • Climate Creation Workshops: Develop holistic understanding among the entire employee population, about various factors impacting on your organisation, the environment in which the business operates and the role and responsibilities of each individual to ensure organisational success. The workshops also canvass buy-in for and develop ownership of the wider performance improvement process and INVOCOM® implementation.


  • The word “unique” is used all too often, but OIM truly has a one-of-a-kind approach that combines employee engagement, change management, leadership skills development and internal communication.
  • OIM is not a communication agency – we are business performance specialists with a proud record dating back to 1985.
  • Therefore all our solutions are designed to help with business strategy execution.
  • Our communication specialists have experience in change management, organisational communication, employee engagement and business performance.
  • We offer an integrated change communication solution, but services are also available as stand-alone offerings.
  • The offering seamlessly integrates with other OIM products and services where appropriate.
  • As part of our change communication offering, we often implement OIM’s well-known employee engagement methodology, INVOCOMS®, which helps drive culture and behaviour change. Numerous blue-chip clients can testify to the benefits of this methodology.
  • Your business can also benefit from OIM’s expertise in its three specialist areas: organisational performance improvement, process and operational optimisation and leadership talent management.

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