Value Chain Strategy

Unlocking benefits for all stakeholders

Today’s value chain optimisation is all about creating mutual benefit and often takes the form of a joint venture, strategic alliance or partnership.

OIM’s offering focuses on unlocking these benefits through relationship building and the implementation of robust performance management practices.

We assist organisations to:

  • Accurately define interfaces across the value chain.
  • Mutually agree on performance objectives and common values to deliver results.
  • Establish a methodology (INVOCOMS®) to effectively manage and improve the agreed performance objectives.
  • Optimise business processes.
  • Regularly review performance and make improvements where required.

The result is a cost-effective and stable value chain with value sharing and an optimised risk-return equation.


These results are available through our core offerings:

  • A facilitated process to establish a framework for the value chain partnership.
  • The methodology to effectively execute the joint strategy (INVOCOMS).


  • Our offering ensures a comprehensive, structured approach to value chain optimisation that covers all key business elements, from strategy formulation and operational processes to performance management and behaviour.
  • We design industry-specific solutions for each client organisation, providing for their unique relationship with customers and suppliers.
  • This comprehensive approach enables organisations to foster long-term, sustainable relationships with key stakeholders.
  • If required, clients also have access to the expertise embedded in OIM’s other specialist areas: organisational performance improvement, operational optimisation and people management. This includes business architecture, employee engagement, leadership development, employee relations, individual performance management, supervisory skills development and change communication. All these solutions are seamlessly implemented by specialists in the core business areas.

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