Employee Relations

Sustainable labour peace and stability

Labour peace and stability is crucial for business success.

Given South Africa’s history the area is particularly complex and since 2010 violence and unprotected strikes have steadily gained momentum in our country. The 2013/4 World Competitiveness Report confirms this state of affairs with SA ranking last out of 144 countries in the category labour-employer relations.

With more than 28 years’ experience OIM business consultants help organisations to actively manage these labour relations.


OIM helps clients to develop a comprehensive employee relations (ER) strategy. This is translated into support processes, policies, structures, practices, skills development and measurements to ensure proper implementation and sustainability.

Our approach consists of eight main elements with related products.

  • Baseline measurement and culture survey to establish the current reality
  • Employee relations strategy development
  • Employee relations structure alignment
    Once the ER strategy has been designed, it is cascaded to all organisational levels and areas. The first step is the alignment of business structures, the design of engagement forums and policy development/compliance.
  • Equip leaders and prepare the climate
    Train stakeholders in:

    • ER effectiveness
    • Industrial relations effectiveness
    • Engagement forums
    • Team engagement
  • Stakeholder engagement
    Implement various stakeholder forums and familiarise employees with business and employee relations principles.
  • Continuous improvement and optimisation
    Continuously identify improvements to the strategy, climate, operations and practices and launch special projects to encourage ongoing improvements.
  • Measure performance and progress
    Measurements to gain a performance dashboard and use results to inform your strategy.
  • Conflict management
    With a track record dating back to 1985, OIM has developed a proven approach to conflict resolution and gained experience in tailoring the approach to various situations.


  • OIM offers an integrated solution, targeting all key employee relations areas and focusing on both legal and human aspects.
  • This comprehensive strategy is aligned to your business goals and integrates all employee relations practices.
  • Our approach offers long-term results; not short-term tactics.
  • The elements of the integrated offering are also available as stand-alone interventions.
  • We follow a practical, no-nonsense approach when designing the intervention.
  • OIM is not in the business of consultant dependency. We build internal capacity through the transfer of skills and knowledge and the establishment of regular engagement forums.
  • Our stakeholder training, especially management-union relations, focuses on the intent, not the letter of the law. This approach deepens people’s understanding of and ability to interpret and apply legislation.
  • The offering is aligned with OIM’s proven performance cycle and offers seamless integration with other OIM interventions.
  • If required, clients also benefit from the expertise embedded in all OIM’s core business areas, namely people management, operational optimisation and organisational performance improvement. These services include supervisory skills, employee engagement, operations management, talent management and leadership development.

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