Competency Profiling

A framework to assess, develop & manage your organisation’s talent

Competency profiling is an essential component of HR management. It identifies the competencies – skills, knowledge, attributes and attitudes – required for each job level or role to optimise your organisation’s performance.

Simply put, it provides you with a scientific framework to help ensure you deploy the right talent in the right role with the right responsibilities.

This framework is therefore key to the rest of your HR and talent management processes, guiding aspects such as recruitment and selection, leadership development plans, performance management, as well as retention and succession planning.


  • Leading international frameworks: OIM offers a range of leading competency framework models and provides clients with advice about the most suitable competency model for their needs.
  • Scientific online tools: Following a systematic approach, we use scientific online tools to provide valid and reliable results that are benchmarked against international standards.
  • Competency analysis and profile design: We work with strategic stakeholders in business to conduct a competency analysis and design a competency profile per job level, outlining which competencies are essential, desirable and less desirable.
  • Customised frameworks: The available competency models are customised according to the client’s environment and business needs. OIM’s business consultants also have the expertise to design a unique framework if required.


  • OIM’s leadership talent team can lay claim to solid knowledge of both business and human behaviour. They are all registered industrial psychologists and organisational development practitioners with years’ experience in talent management, team dynamics and leadership development plans.
  • The team has successfully facilitated competency profiling interventions in a range of industries, including finance, retail, manufacturing, fast-moving consumer goods and mining.
  • OIM works in partnership with leading talent assessment companies SHL and Saville, giving South African clients peace of mind that results are reliable, valid and benchmarked against international standards.
  • We don’t simply offer standard frameworks, but customise profiles for clients’ specific needs and business objectives. We can also design truly unique frameworks for clients.

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