Employee engagement (INVOCOMS)

Employee Involvement through Communication for Commitment & Innovation

The effective execution of your business strategy relies on the level of contribution that every individual in your business makes. Research proves there is a direct correlation between the level of employee engagement in an organisation and performance. The more informed and involved people are, the higher their level of commitment and contribution to organisational success.

OIM’s acclaimed INVOCOM methodology is the vehicle used to engage everyone in the organisation, mobilise them around goals and build a climate conducive to strategy execution.

The methodology can be likened to a coach setting up his players for success. It entails reviewing the team’s previous performance and match results, setting goals for the next game, analysing the opposition and obstacles and agreeing the game plan with clearly allocated individual responsibilities. This all happens against the backdrop of continuous improvement and everyone understanding their role, the strategy and the opposition they will encounter.

Similarly the INVOCOM methodology is used to review team performance, set goals, identify obstacles, agree actions and evaluate conduct to ensure high performance and appropriate behaviour in day-to-day operations.


The outcome of our employee engagement methodology

Effective INVOCOMS ensure:

  • Focused discussion and improved understanding of business challenges.
  • Excellence in problem solving and goal achievement.
  • A vehicle for continuous improvement through problem solving at all organisational levels.
  • Enhanced creativity, innovation, reaction time and flexibility.
  • Improved involvement and communication among various levels and functions (departments) and in natural work teams.
  • The elimination of blockages and reduced filtering of information.
  • Increased ownership and commitment among employees.
  • Accelerated learning and development.

All of the above benefits support continuous business improvement.

Overview of our offering

Several products form part of a comprehensive INVOCOM roll-out, but implementation is customised for specific client needs.

  • Climate Creation Workshop (CCW): OIM works on the principle that mindset change precedes operational change. All implementations are therefore preceded by Climate Creation Workshops to help prepare the general workforce for the change initiative.
  • INVOCOM Skills Workshop: Equip appointed leaders with the skills to successfully implement the methodology and business strategy through INVOCOMS.
  • INVOCOM coaching and assessments: Ensure that INVOCOMS are functioning at an acceptable standard to deliver the right results.
  • INVOCOM Coaches Workshop: Develop internal capacity to coach appointed leaders in the application of the methodology for sustained performance and behaviour improvement.
  • Internal Trainers Workshop: Develop internal capacity to conduct CCW and INVOCOM Skills workshops with limited involvement from OIM.

The OIM difference

  • For many of our clients INVOCOMS and OIM are synonymous. INVOCOMS are an integral part of our performance improvement approach and have been successfully implemented in numerous industries since the early 80s – both in South Africa and abroad.
  • Several blue-chip companies have been using the INVOCOM methodology for many years.
  • The methodology is based on a combination of solid business principles and decades of practical experience.
  • The implementation is customised to meet the needs of each client and industry.
  • Sustainability is a key aspect, so building internal capacity, training leaders and coaching are integral elements of the offering.
  • As a testimony to the robustness of the methodology, it has often survived new management initiatives and the inclination of new leaders to “put their own stamp on things”.
  • INVOCOM is not simply a manual or workshop-driven process – it’s a performance management tool. The aim is to change mindsets and behaviour to improve performance.

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