Leadership competency assessments

Measuring competencies, potential and job fit of leaders and critical talent

A competency assessment battery is one of the most successful methods to gain a more accurate picture of an employee’s aptitudes, behavioural preferences, work style, cultural fit and potential.

Ideally, people’s competencies should match the responsibilities entrusted to them. When this balance prevails, their productivity rate increases and the organisation benefits.

OIM helps you to find this critical balance.

Simply put, our competency assessments help you to deploy the right people in the right positions at the right time in their careers.

They are therefore closely linked to the rest of your talent management strategy, guiding aspects such as leadership development plans, performance management, recruitment and selection, as well as retention and succession.


OIM’s competency assessments include the following:

  • Personality: Outline a person’s preferred behaviour, strengths and development areas.
  • Cognition and abilities: Evaluate aspects such as verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning abilities.
  • Capabilities: Gauge what job level or complexity of work a person is capable of.
  • Values and motives: Measure cultural and job fit requirements and inform career path planning.
  • Observable behaviour: Observe individual behaviour under various circumstances and determine competencies (including in-tray case studies, role play for individuals and groups, as well as fact-finding and leaderless group exercises).
  • 360° assessments: Feedback from peers, line managers and subordinates to obtain a comprehensive view of a person’s performance and behaviour.


  • OIM offers a range of leading competency assessment batteries which our specialist business consultants are accredited to implement.
  • The models are benchmarked against international standards, offering results that are valid, reliable and culturally fair in South Africa and abroad.
  • We can customise competency assessments for your organisation’s needs.
  • OIM’s leadership talent team comprises registered industrial psychologists and organisational development practitioners with many years’ experience in talent management, team dynamics and leadership development plans and coaching.
  • Clients who are already using OIM’s integrated performance methodology can benefit from assessments that have been aligned to this model.

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