Diversity Awareness

Creating a climate for improved workplace relationships

Where people from various cultural or language backgrounds or age, gender and language groups work together, misunderstandings and even conflict can easily arise.

Often the underlying reason for these social tensions is a lack of understanding of other people’s realities, and the prejudices usually associated with this ignorance.

This is where OIM can make a difference.

With a proven track record in diversity training since the early 80s, we help organisations to create a climate for improved workplace relations by:

  • Creating awareness and appreciation of various cultural realities in the workplace.
  • Establishing principles for relationship building among people from diverse backgrounds.


  • Diversity awareness workshops catering for:
    • Employees in general.
    • Leaders managing diverse teams.
  • Follow-up visits by OIM consultants
    The purpose of these visits is to consult with individuals on challenging diversity matters.


  • OIM has been leaders in the field of diversity training since the early 80s. Over the years OIM has literally conducted thousands of workshops in communities, businesses and organisations. OIM’s initiatives in this regards, along with our conflict resolution workshops, have been widely recognised.
  • We do not believe in off-the-shelf products. Interventions are customised to address each client’s unique business needs and can be aligned with organisations’ existing interventions.

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