Talent Management

Unlocking your organisation's potential

How do you attract, retain, develop and deploy the appropriate talent to support your business strategy?

Managers worldwide are grappling with this question and are increasingly realising the importance of proper talent management. However, creating a talent approach that is aligned with all areas of business and HR processes in particular is no easy task.

OIM recognises this challenge. Therefore we help organisations to design an integrated strategy – supported by a talent model, processes and implementation tools – to address all key talent areas and build sustainability.


OIM’s integrated talent management strategy and model enable organisations to:

  • Define critical performance areas and talent pools per level of work – Know what you should manage.
  • Define the competencies required per job level to enable success – Understand which skills, knowledge, attributes and attitudes are needed to optimise performance.
  • Assess the performance, behaviour and potential of your talent – Use your competency framework to evaluate current and future potential. The possible battery of tests includes personality, cognition and capability assessments while the results help inform your talent strategy.
  • Establish a comprehensive talent grid – Map the potential and performance of your organisation’s talent on a nine-box grid. This is done at individual, job and business unit levels to offer an in-depth view of your available talent.
  • Develop a complete talent management strategy – Using your business strategy as a departure point, design a comprehensive talent management strategy for each section of the talent grid, along with action plans in critical areas such as leadership development, recruitment and selection, career pathing and succession, retention, performance management, reward and recognition.
  • Design and structure regular talent reviews – Set up regular talent review meetings in different business areas. Talent reviews are widely recognised as a vital component of proper talent management to track the performance, development and deployment of key talent.
  • Build internal capacity to sustain the model – Set up talent committees in all business areas and provide training for the model, processes and application of tools.


  • We offer a comprehensive, integrated model that is aligned to business strategy and HR practices.
  • We do not believe in consultant dependency. OIM builds internal capacity to sustain the model through training, supporting processes and implementation tools.
  • We offer a range of market-leading and internationally benchmarked tools to help design the solution.
  • OIM’s leadership talent team comprises registered industrial psychologists and organisational development practitioners with years of experience in talent management, team dynamics and leadership development.
  • Clients benefit from OIM’s expertise in other specialist areas of people management, organisational improvement and operational optimisation.
  • Over the past 27 years OIM has built a proven track record.

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